Staff & Board of Directors

Carter Morris
President & CEO
Board Director & Trustee

Lon Johnson
Volunteer Director of Communications
& Community Development

Duffy Johnson
Director of Development

Brian Behrman
Director of Operations

Linda Tapper
Business Administrator

Hannah McNeill
Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Marcell Timmons
Director of Retail Operations

Niki Carbajal
Grace Bridge Resale of Celina Store Manager

Holly Hollingsworth
Director of Sponsor-a-child/family

Katie Booth
Administrative Assistant

Lisa Allard
Project Coordinator

Charles Loper, Jr.
Chairman of the Board & Trustee

Chip Loper
Bboard Member

E. Bradshaw, Jr.
Board Member

John Mark Cassil
Board Member

David A. Nethery, MD
Board Member

Scott Olson
Board Member

Scott Turner
Board Member

Greg Kidd
Board Member

Michael D. Arnold
Advisory Board Member

Van Nichols
Advisory Board Member